Outsourcing stuff is part of the point of Freelance Time Manager. It's purpose is to help you manage your time so you move gradually towards becoming a high value specialist, getting paid well to do the work you love.

But I've wrestled with this. The report Freelance Time Manager provides, the "what have you been doing?" report, lists, in hours order, everything you've been up to from the thing you spend the most time on (programming in my case) to the last (chasing for payment, in my case), and it's a big list (87 things, in my case) that's rather fazing and un-actionable.

So I threw an adapted Pareto at it. It seems that what's at the top of the list is my core business. What's at the bottom of the list is too small to worry about. But the middle 20%? Let's outsource something from there.

So now (2 July 2015) that "what have you been doing?" report highlights a central 'outsourcing zone' to prompt you to find partners to work with.

Requests for outsource partners end up on this Freelance Opportunities page which is publicly viewable. Anyone can respond (it's up to the person who wishes to outsource whether they favour a fellow Freelance Time Manager user or not).

So yeah, if you want to outsource stuff but you're not sure what, maybe try a bit of time analysis using Freelance Time Manager.

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